Jade, Smokescreen, Drawing with HTML5

2010-07-02 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


TJ Holowaychuk announced a new project yesterday called
Jade -- a new template engine for node that focuses on readability, error handling, and performance.

It looks like this:

!!! 5
    title= pageTitle
      | if (foo) {
      |    bar()
      | }
    h1 Jade - node template engine
      - if (youAreUsingJade)
        p You are amazing
      - else
        p Get on it!

TJ wanted to improve on Haml syntax, and felt
like existing template engines were hard to debug. His post refers to
Jade as a Haml
which should garner it some attention.

The guts of Jade are the tokenizer, which generates tokens complete with
line number for detailed debugging. You can have a read through the
source in


Smokescreen promises to translate Flash to HTML and will be open source at some point in the near future. I don't
know if they're involved with
Gordon, but they appear to be pitching it at designers who won't want to migrate away from Adobe's
creative tools.

Drawing with JavaScript in HTML5 vs ActionScript 3 in Flash

Drawing with JavaScript in HTML5 vs ActionScript 3 in Flash
by William Malone demonstrates creating a logo with JavaScript and the
canvas tag, then compares it to ActionScript 3.

The code examples are side by side, so you can see how similar they are
which is interesting if you're a hardcore JavaScript anti-Flash
cheerleader but have never actually worked with ActionScript.