J3D, GL64K, node-webgl

2011-04-29 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


J3D is a 3D library for WebGL that has a Unity3d object/scene exporter. The author
wrote a blog post about it entitled Taming

with some background on the library:

J3D is a very simple engine that can load 3D models and textures, has a scene with a hierarchy of objects and can render everything using basic lights. Somewhere on the way I added the feature to export models from Unity3d which I thought would make the job of preparing assets much easier.


GL64K is a competition to create a WebGL demo in 64k. If you're not familiar with what they're expecting, there's an
example called Glass. The first
prize is \$2000 and a copy of the OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide, and
entries must use skeleton.html.
There's only 7 days left to enter the competition!


I keep asking myself, "how can I write desktop-based OpenGL with Node?"
It seems like Brian McKenna is working on a solution with
node-webgl. It looks like the project is in early stages yet, but there's a blog post with a
screenshot to prove it works: node.js

I hope to see more Node desktop integration.