HelsinkiJS February, Todo, Testing Backbone.js

2012-01-30 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

HelsinkiJS February

HelsinkiJS February has been announced, and will take place on the 16th of February at Codento. Two speakers are attending so far: Jarno Keskikangas and @polarblau.

If you want me to include your JavaScript event on DailyJS, just @dailyjs or use our contact form to get in touch!


Todo screenshot

Todo (License: MIT, npm: todo) by Veselin Todorov is a small todo list application for the command-line interface, written with Node. I like seeing clever Unix utilities and command-line applications made with Node, and this one seems cool with its coloured UI and UTF-8 characters.

The interesting thing about this tool is it's built using Flatiron. Flatiron is designed to be adaptable, and although it's aimed at web development, anything can (and will) be built with it.

If you're a fellow command-line hacker and have mastered pretty colours and option parsing, then another useful thing is to include a man page. This is supported by npm: check out npm help json and scroll down to the "man" section.

Testing Backbone.js Best Practices

Testing Backbone.js Best Practices by Jonathan Eatherly includes some useful tips. I've often felt like testing Backbone.js is a little bit hard to visualise, but Jonathan makes a few confusing aspects much clearer:

By default a Backbone view will create an in-memory jQuery object containing a single DIV element ... This means we don’t have to see the ugly injecting and removing of content on the page as the tests run, there is no need to clean up the DOM after each test iteration, and our test suite will run much faster.

His examples use the Jasmine test framework, but much of this advice can be applied to any test framework.