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2011-04-08 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Hacker Monthly is a printed and digital magazine that collects the best posts from Hacker
. Issue 11 has this on the cover:

($=[$=[]][(__=!$+$)[_=-~-~-~$]+({}+$)[_/_]+ ($$=($_=!''+$)[_/_]+$_[+$])])()[__[_/_]+__ [_+~$]+$_[_]+$$](_/_)

You may have seen this obtuse piece of JavaScript before -- it will
display an alert and pop up the browser cookie. Adam Cecchetti reverse
engineers this code and explains exactly how it works. I'm fascinated by
security, so I enjoyed reading this rare and detailed JavaScript
security-related post.

If you'd like to read more from Hacker Monthly, we've got 5 digital
subscriptions to give away -- worth \$29 each! Just post a
comment with your favourite JavaScript one-liner
, and I'll
select 5 winners. Make sure your comment has a way for us to get in
touch (a link to a contact form or Twitter account would suffice).


The response to this was overwhelming, there were some great examples of
JavaScript's strengths, weaknesses, and obscure features.

If you're a winner, I've followed you on Twitter/Facebook, so please
follow back and direct message me with an email address that I can send
the Hacker Monthly folks.

These are the winners:

א=-~-~[],ב=-~א,ג=({})+[],ד=[].א+[],ה=![]+[],ו=!![]+[],ד[א]+ה[ב-א]+ד[ב+א]+ה[א]+([][ג[א+ב]+ג[ב-א]+ד[ב-א]+ה[ב]+ג[ב+ב]+ו[ב-א]+ו[א]+ג[א+ב]+ג[ב+ב]+ג[ב-א]+ו[ב - א]]+[])[(א<

Quite a simple one, posted by John Resig, but it felt like a real epiphany when I first saw it:

Array.max = function() { return Math.max.apply(Math, arguments); };
Array.min = function() { return Math.min.apply(Math, arguments); };

Francois Laberge's WebGL Examples

Francois Laberge sent me some cool 3D examples:

He's working on some interesting WebGL related projects and posts about
them on endergen.com.