2010-06-09 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Geddy is a web framework for Node by Matthew Eernisse inspired by larger web frameworks like
Rails. It has a command line application which can be used to build and
run apps. It supports routing, with Rails-style resources.


The author currently recommends using version 0.1.94 of Node, so upgrade
if necessary.

git clone git://github.com/mde/geddy.git
cd geddy
sudo make install

App Configuration

An app can be generated with geddy-gen app app-name. This
will create an app template files, much like Rails. Then all you need to
do is edit config/environments/development.js to include
database config, and you can generate resources with geddy-gen
resource resource-name

The configuration file should have an example database config commented
out. There are more examples here: The two-minute Geddy


I ran into problems building node-sqlite for the current version of
Node. The version on GitHub
seems newer than the one on Google Code, but I can't get Geddy to work
with it. Because Node changed a lot over the last few months, I assume
the sqlite library hasn't caught up yet.


The author

that the project is being used commercially at
Yammer, so hopefully work will continue and the project won't be left idle like so many Node frameworks.

Geddy is based around resources, so it will save a lot of time when
building many types of apps and APIs. This framework will appeal to
Rails developers; it could be a good way of attracting Rails developers
to Node. Success will be purely down to keeping up with Node's changes
and making installation as easy as possible.