Google's Cloud Platform Library

2014-10-10 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

JJ Geewax announced the gcloud node (GitHub: GoogleCloudPlatform / gcloud-node, License: Apache 2.0, npm: gcloud) client library for Node. It allows you to access things like the Google Cloud Datastore database and Cloud Storage. You should be able to use it with Google Compute Engine or a Google Developer's service account.

I had a look at this module and there are a few interesting things to note:

There's a blog post about the project here: gcloud-node - a Google Cloud Platform Client Library for Node.js which demonstrates the API.

With a little bit of configuration, getting data from the API is as simple as dataset.get:

dataset.get(dataset.key(['Product', 'Computer']), function(err, entity) {
  console.log(err || entity);

With cool Node libraries like this, AngularJS, and MEAN on Google Compute Engine, I'm just waiting for someone at Google to bring a first-party Node IDE to my Chromebook!