Write a JavaScript GameBoy Emulator, Handlebars.js

2010-09-10 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

JavaScript GameBoy Emulation Tutorial

This GameBoy emulation tutorial
by Imran Nazar teaches you how to build a GameBoy emulator in
browser-based JavaScript. It's incredibly well presented and a lot of

When I was studying at university we had to build an emulator as an
early in-depth programming assignment. It was only a simple RISC CPU,
but it was interesting nonetheless. GameBoy Emulation in JavaScript
features graphics, CPU, memory -- all the basics of what makes the
GameBoy tick in the language you love.


Handlebars.js by the prolific Yehuda Katz builds on Mustache to add paths, block helpers, partials, and a Node-based compiler. It looks like yet another great
templating tool for your rich interface JavaScript projects.

Katz has posted a good overview/tutorial in Announcing