Functional Koans, Ringo 0.6

2010-10-11 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Functional Koans by David Laing is a way of learning functional JavaScript through testing.
Each koan has associated tests that fail, and your job is to correct the
code to make them pass. The koans presents a fundamental concept which
you must master to be able to fix the code.

The project is based on Ruby Koans by Jim
Weirich, which made a fairly big impact amongst Ruby developers. The
word Koan is used in reference to
Zen Buddhism:

As part of the training of teachers, monks, and students, koan can refer to a story selected from sutras and historical records. They may consist of a perplexing element or a concise but critical word or phrase extracted from the story.

Ringo 0.6

Ringo 0.6 is out, which includes improvements to http server and client libraries, no more extending
JavaScript objects (that code is now effectively namespaced), CommonJS
unit testing, and bunch of other changes.

The RingoJS tutorial has "App
Engine Deployment" listed in the table of contents, but the content
hasn't been written yet. Gabriel Munteanu took this example and extended
it to work more like a fully-functional blog, and called it
Ringopress. The project's documentation explains how to configure and deploy App
. If you're new to Ringo or
App Engine, this might be a nice project to play around with.

If you haven't yet looked into App Engine and JavaScript,
AppengineJS is a JavaScript port of the Python SDK by George Moschovits.