Fuel UX Tutorials, JS Unconf

2015-02-06 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Fuel UX Tutorials

Stephen James from Salesforce Marketing Cloud sent in a tutorial about Fuel UX 3's datagrid. It's split up into sections with sample code and a demo, so it's easy to follow along:

In this month's tutorial, we introduce the repeater control (v3). The repeater is a datagrid that can do tasks such as paging, sorting, and searching. It supports multiple views and custom-rendered cells. This tutorial showcases the most basic setup with a static source of data. In production, you would likely get data through API requests. The tutorial guides the user in defining and manipulating a data-providing and a column-rendering function.

Stephen also sent in some general information about Fuel UX, which is actually a pretty cool set of extensions for Bootstrap 3 that you can use to build things like web apps, admin areas for content management systems, and so on:

Fuel UX (GitHub: ExactTarget / fuelux, License: BSD-3) extends Bootstrap 3 with additional lightweight controls including combobox, datepicker, infinite scroll, loader, pillbox, placard, repeater, scheduler, search, selectlist, spinbox, tree, and wizard. The extensive documentation site even has a form builder to speed up markup placement.

I've used Fuel UX for a large project and found it worked pretty well, so it's worth trying out if you're looking for a consistent set of controls like wizards and date pickers.

JS Unconf

Philipp Hinrichsen wrote in about JS Unconf, an event that will take place in April in Hamburg. Here are the full details:

So, what is an "unconf"? Philipp sent in this definition:

Unconf means unconference. The JS Unconf is a non-profit unconference from the community for the community. There is no schedule or speaker list in advance. Everybody can apply with a talk. Everybody can vote for talks at the beginning of each day of the unconference. The talks which got the most votes from the attendees will be picked. The JS Unconf is organized by the BOOT e.V. and the FSR Informatik der Universit├Ąt Hamburg.

If you want to contribute to the conference you can find out how at contriboot.jsunconf.eu>.