Fractal Lab, Disabling WebGL, Bitcoin Miner

2011-05-20 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Fractal Lab

Fractal Lab by Tom Beddard is a WebGL fractal explorer. It has great quality rendering of all kinds of strange 2D and
3D fractals, with tonnes of options and a great interface.

If you want to get started with the really cool stuff, click Fractal
then select something that looks interesting. There are tabs on
the right-hand-side of the rendering with further options. Be careful
with the number of iterations and max steps, else you might redline your
CPU for a bit!

There are keyboard shortcuts which control the position of the camera
(WASD + QE and ZX for speed); the controls make it feel like walking around strange 3D landscapes.

This is no mere WebGL demo, it's fully-featured. In fact, it's probably
one of the best fractal apps that I've played with for some time (and
I'm a Processing nerd!)

The author also wrote a blog post about Fractal Lab here: Fractal Lab -
A WebGL based web application for rendering 2D and 3D fractals in

Disabling WebGL

In How To Disable
James McQuaid talks about how to disable WebGL in Chrome and Firefox for
Windows 7. This is in response to the WebGL security issues reported
last week.

James says:

Once WebGL is effectively sandboxed by Google and Mozilla, I will be happy to turn it back on. Until then, the eye candy will have to wait.

If you're using a Mac or other unix you should be able to run
Chrome/Chromium with --disable-webgl or edit Firefox's
settings with about:config.

JavaScript Bitcoin Miner

bitp.it is a JavaScript bitcoin miner. The author announced it in a post on the Bitcoin

He says:

We are hoping this will be viewed as an exciting new alternative to banner advertisement that actually has the potential of not being annoying to website visitor and actually generating bitcoins for the website operator.

That sounds pretty optimistic, but it's extremely intesresting

Note that if you visit bitp.it you'll actually be contributing to the
generation of bitcoins in a shared pool.