Fltspc, Mustache-Wax

2015-02-20 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


Clint Heyer from the IT University of Copenhagen sent in Fltspc, which is a collaborative whiteboard. If you do group meetings where you want to work on snippets of text in a way that Google Docs doesn't quite cope with, then you might like to try this project out.

It can be extended with JavaScript and a REST API -- there's a GitHub repository with more information at ClintH/fltspc-client, and I also found an Android example.

Clint also shared a project they use to get students started with modern JavaScript development. It's called Kattegat, and it uses Yeoman and Express to get a server running with fun things like Socket.IO and Tessel.

If you're interested in Clint's Android work, then also take a look at Anders Bech Mellson's Kiosker project. This is a generator for Android kiosk applications that displays a single web page, and it's configurable through JSON. It sounds like this is what the students have been using to demo their interactive experiments on tablets.



Mustache-Wax (GitHub: jvitela/mustache-wax, License: MIT) by Jonathan Vitela is an extension for Mustache.js which allows you to use formatters inside expressions, in a style inspired by AngularJS. By defining a list of methods on Mustache.Formatters, you'll be able to pass values through the filters.

The expressions use pipes, and you can chain them like this: ten | add : 3.14159 | add : twenty | add:-3. The expression syntax supports arguments, which are denoted with :.

The documentation is nicely presented, and the project is well-tested.