Flavors of JavaScript, 3D Events, LowKick

2012-01-20 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Different Flavors of JavaScript

In Different flavors of JavaScript by Lakshan Perera, ECMAScript, ES3, ES5, and ES.Next (Harmony) are explained. Lakshan gives helpful links in context, like es5.github.com, and gives hits on what browser support is available.

For related reading, I touched on some of these areas before in the History of JavaScript series.

DOM Events in 3D Space

DOM Events in 3D Space is a tutorial by Jerome Etienne that demonstrates how to use threex.domevent.js. The 3D DOM event demo shows how this works -- click on each teapot and different animations will be triggered. THREE.Ray is used, in particular the intersectScene method, to determine if an event intersects an object.

Jerome has also recently published Boilerplate Builder for Three.js which allows a customised set of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to be generated that includes everything needed to get started with three.js.


LowKick by E. Azer Ko├žulu simplifies running tests in multiple JavaScript environments. For example:

./bin/lowkick command ie6 test/config.json

This example, given suitable tools, will run tests in IE using VirtualBox. Headless testing is documented in the project's readme, but it'll need a little bit of effort to get it working.

Other drivers can be used, or added through configuration files. For example, LowKick comes with a Node driver, VirtualBox, and "virtualbox-ie".