JavaScript on a USB Stick

2014-10-30 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Espruino Pico

Kris Bright sent in the Espruino Pico Kickstarter campaign, which is a new version of Espruino designed to run on smaller hardware. It will use a slightly modified version of the Espruino software, and they have prototype hardware so you should factor that in if you're thinking about pledging support.

This project is currently fully funded -- the goal was £15,000 but they've got £21,073 at the time of writing.

One novel feature of the Pico is it works with a standard USB port, so you can run JavaScript on it without any soldering or breadboards. And because the hardware is smaller it should use less power: the creators have claimed 10 years on a single AA-sized 3v lithium battery.

If you pledge £79 or more, then you'll receive a "Geek's Toy Kit". This should include some cool modules that are compatible with the Espruino Pico, like an LCD screen.

I've got an Espruino and the thing that's most fun about it is getting code to work with sensors and hardware like motors and screens, so if you're interested in the Pico I recommend either plumping for the Geek's Toy Kit or finding out how to use your own electronics with it.