Dust, TDD, UKI

2010-10-29 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


Dust (License, code) by Aleksander Williams is an asynchronous templating engine based on Mustache that works with Node or
browsers. The syntax is markup-like, and it offers features to allow
"safe" templates, so admin area editable templates should be possible in a CMS/blog project.

Data can be streamed to templates, which might be useful for building
MVC-like encapsulation in a data-heavy web app. The interactive examples
on Dust's documentation pages
demonstrate this in detail.

TDD and Magic Unicorns

In Test driven development at
Felix Geisendörfer discusses test-driven development at Transloadit, for
a large Node-based project. He talks about dealing with the difficulties
of using bleeding edge libraries and maintaining a TDD discipline.

It's a well-written high-level article that talks about TDD in a
professional context.

Zepto.js Presentation

Good old madrobby published a

about his framework, Zepto.js. The hacker news
had some interesting
discussion, with responses from Fuchs.


I was at the London JavaScript Meetup
last night, which had
presentations on Ext.js. Roland
gave an interesting talk
about the basics of Ext.js, and how it worked in an administration area
he's been working on for his day job.

After the talk someone asked me if I'd seen UKI
before, which is a similar project. It's cross-browser and has some
screencasts to quickly get you up to speed. There's some great examples,
especially the 100 line Wave layout