DOM4 Elements, ng-Fx

2014-04-22 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

DOM4 Elements

DOM4 Elements (GitHub: barberboy / dom4-elements, License: MIT) by Ben Barber is a polyfill for document.query and document.queryAll, from the DOM Level 4 ParentNode interface.

Using document.queryAll returns a new class called Elements, which extends Array.prototype so you can do things like document.queryAll('.classname').map(fn).

Browser support is documented by Testling, and the project includes a small test suite.


ng-Fx (GitHub: Hendrixer/ng-Fx, License: MIT) by Scott Moss is an AngularJS version of Animate.css.

You can use classes to apply effects, then directives to control their behaviour:

<ul ng-init="foods=['apple', 'chips', 'muffin']">
  <li class='fx-fade-down fx-easing-bounce' ng-repeat="food in foods">
    {{ food }}

Some options are controlled by classes where I expected to see directives -- I think the author has tried to use CSS as much as possible rather than using JavaScript to write out style tags to do the necessary styling. For example: fx-speed-800 compared to ng-fx-speed="800". A hypothetical ng-fx-speed could accept any speed rather than predefined ones.