Define.js, Combokeys

2014-11-24 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


DefineJS (GitHub: fixjs/define.js, License: MIT, npm: definejs) by Mehran Hatami is a new module loader. It implements the AMD pattern and also supports Promised Modules, and other new nonstandard related module techniques.

You can specify the module's global name by including a global attribute on the script tag:

<script global="definejs" src="define.js"></script>

Now you can declare a module with definejs.define() and load dependencies with definejs.require. Promised modules are implemented by returning new Promise when declaring a dependency.

The author has included tests written with the Karma test runner, so you can run the tests against a real browser.


Shahar Or sent in a keyboard shortcut library called Combokeys (GitHub: mightyiam/combokeys, License: Apache 2.0), a fork of the popular Mousetrap project.

It has some cool changes: it's been refactored to use CommonJS, and it doesn't automatically listen on document. You can now specify which element it listens on for keyboard shortcuts. That was actually one thing that prevented me from using Mousetrap in a project.