Blockies, Angular Debaser

2014-07-28 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


Blockies (GitHub: download13 / blockies, License: WTFPL) by Erin Dachtler is a small library that generates avatars based on a random seed and colour.

var icon = blockies.create({
  seed: 'randstring',
  color: '#dfe',
  size: 15,
  scale: 3

The arguments are all optional, and the output is a canvas element that you can insert into a container. The resulting images look a bit like the default GitHub avatars.

Angular Debaser

Angular Debaser (GitHub: decipherinc / angular-debaser, License: MIT) by Christopher Hiller is a library designed to cut down the amount of boilerplate required to test AngularJS projects.

When a module depends on a lot of services, then it can require a lot of stubs to test. To get around that, Debaser provides a more succinct syntax:

  .object('Settings', {
    location_id: 1

It uses angular-mocks, which is "ngMock" from the main AngularJS project.