Crafty, Opera Widgets for Android, Exceptional and Node

2010-12-24 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


Crafty (dual MIT and GPL license) is a JavaScript game engine by Louis Stow with a jQuery-inspired API.

Crafty.init(50, 580, 225);

var player = Crafty.e('2D, DOM, gravity, controls, twoway, image')
    .attr({x: Crafty.viewport.width / 2, w: 16, h: 16})
    .image('favicon.png', 'no-repeat');

var floor = Crafty.e('2D, floor')
    .attr({x:0, y: 225, w: 580, h: 5});

As you can see, the API uses chained calls like jQuery. At the moment
Crafty is an early release (version 0.1), but the Crafty
has a post about upcoming

The author is keen to point out that the project is a game framework,
rather than an engine. Typically game engines are less general than the
types of frameworks we're used to working with as web developers, so
this probably suits our way of working (and should suit many types of

Opera Widgets for Android

Opera Labs has announced an Android runtime that can run WAC
(Wholesale Applications Community):
WAC 1.0 - Supporting runtime for Android: Installation instructions and release
. This
means Android devices can now run a type of widget that's designed
around open, standardised specifications.

More details on about WAC Widgets can be found in: Introduction to
Widget Handset APIs in WAC

It's not just a superficial cross platform library, however:

Using these new APIs we can take pictures, check GPS location, browse our address books, access accelerometer information, and even send SMS, MMS and E-Mail messages

Exceptional and Node

Exceptional, a service that manages exception notifications from web
applications, now supports Node. In Exceptional and
the developers announced a new library called
exceptional-node that makes exception reporting a breeze:

var Exceptional = require(./'exceptional');
Exceptional.API_KEY = **YOUR-API-KEY**

process.addListener('uncaughtException', function(err) {

try {
  // Your Code
} catch(error) {
  // Your own error processing

It has a package.json file so you should be able to install it with
npm. It's released under the MIT license.