HexGL, one.color, fs.js

2012-09-07 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young



HexGL is a WebGL-powered racing game similar in style to WipEout, developed by Thibaut Despoulain. It's built using three.js, and is a pretty solid and fun game. One aspect that impressed me is there's a selector for changing the quality, based on settings tailored for "Mobile", "Mainstream", and "Ultra" -- the author suggests that the game should always run at 60fps.

Thibaut is planning on open sourcing the game, and his blog has a feed so you can stay up to date that way or by following @BKcore on Twitter.


one.color (License: BSD, npm: onecolor) is a browser and Node colour manipulation library. Morgan Roderick suggested this library on Twitter after seeing our jQuery Color coverage, and also pointed out that one of the creators has posted a video about it: Peter Müller: One-color.js.

This library has a chainable API, supports alpha channels and colour names, and has Vows tests to back it all up.


fs.js (License: MIT, npm: fs.js) by Manuel Astudillo is a wrapper for the HTML5 File API, based on Node's fs module. It's got some Mocha unit tests, and supports the use of prefixed file systems:

var sizeInBytes = 1024 * 1024
  , prefix = 'filetest';

FSFactory.create(sizeInBytes, 'testfs', function(err, fs) {
  fs.read('foo', function(err, data){
    // data contains file contents.