Choco, JS1k

2010-08-06 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


Choco by Anthony Heukmes is a framework for building web apps built from one HTML page. It's a bit like
Cappuccino and SproutCore, except a lot simpler. It's built from 3 other

Most of Choco seems to be built by Ruby developers, and the author has a
Rails 3 example project. If you're building Rails projects you might
find something useful here.


Angus contacted us about JS1k which is a
conference to build a JavaScript demo in no more than 1024 bytes. This
doesn't include external libraries, but minification is allowed. The
conference is organised by Peter van der Zee, and it seems to have a
demo scene attitude about it.

There have been JavaScript related scene demos in the past (search
Scene.org), but it's good to see this type of thing in our area of interest and I hope JS1k gets some awesome entries.