Catalyst, Teacup, Makery

2013-01-11 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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Teacup (GitHub: goodeggs / teacup, License: MIT, npm: teacup) by Good Eggs is a CoffeeScript templating language. It comes with middleware that can be used alongside connect-assets for compiling the templates, and the language kind of reminds me of CoffeeScript crossed with Jade:

{renderable, js, css, html, head, body} = require 'teacup'

module.exports = renderable ->
  html ->
    head ->
      js 'app'
      css 'app'
    body ->
      # ...

It works in browsers, has Mocha tests, and also has a gem for Rails: Teacup::Rails. The author wrote a blog post about it here: Teacup: CoffeeScript Templates for Developer Happiness.


Makery (License: MIT, npm: makery) by Leonardo Garcia Crespo is a module for making objects to aid with testing -- the author says it works well for testing Backbone models. The API looks like this:

Makery.blueprint(MyConstructor, function() {
  return {
    id: this.unique(),
    aProperty: 'Some value',
    anotherProperty: 'Another value'

var obj = MyConstructor.make();

Jasmine tests have been included, and it can be used in browsers as long as Underscore is present.