Awesome Electron, Modernising Client-Side Code

2015-05-07 18:00:57 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Awesome Electron


Electron is the web-based desktop framework that was originally developed for GitHub's Atom editor. It seems to be catching on, so Sindre Sorhus is compiling a list of Electron applications in Awesome Electron.

The list includes Monu by Max Ogden, which is a process monitoring menu bar application for Mac OS X, and some simpler tools like a Gulp task runner.

Sindre has also made generator-electron, a Yeoman generator for Electron applications. To create your own desktop application with Yeoman, just run:

npm install --global generator-electron
yo electron

Modernising Client-Side Code, the Isomorphic Way

Kevin Grager from Algolia (Search API - YC14) shared an article about how they modernised a Node application: Modern JavaScript libraries: the isomorphic way:

Our JavaScript and Node.js API clients were implemented 2 years ago and were now lacking of all modern best practices ... This blog post is a summary of the three main challenges we faced while modernizing our JavaScript client.

It's pretty detailed and tells a story that you don't usually hear: the team looked at weaknesses in their project's design by writing tests. Then they rewrote parts of it using newer techniques, finally converting client-side code to be isomorphic.