Augmented Reality in the Browser, Springbase, jQRange

2012-03-16 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Augmented Reality in the Browser

In Augmented Reality in the Browser, Jerome Etienne discusses WebRTC and how to combine WebGL with a live video feed -- all in a browser.

To simplify this process, Jerome has created tquery.jsartoolkit, which uses his tquery library to wrap around JSARToolKit. JSARToolKit, by Ilmari Heikkinen, is the core of the augmented reality functionality.


Springbase (GitHub: springbase / node-springbase, npm: springbase) have released a Node driver for their relational data store. This is a hosted database solution that includes a web data browser and management interface, and even SQL support.

The API is event based:

var springbase = require('springbase')
  , conn
  , query;

conn = new springbase.data.Connection({
  application: '1GmTdS2ayPts',
  username: '<email>',
  password: '<password>'

query = conn.getQuery('qryStoreInventoryByZipCode');
query.on('ready', function() {
  var reader = query.execute({ zipCode: 94611 });
  reader.on('row', function(row) {
    console.log('Found store:', row);

They're currently offering a free account with 100 MB storage and 1 GB per month bandwidth (I get no remuneration for mentioning this).


jQRange (GitHub: Gottox / jQRange) by Enno Boland attempts to help deal with W3C and Internet Explorer ranges. The current selection can be obtained with $.range('^'), and ranges can be spanned with $(selector).range().

The plugin even supports regular expressions, so any range matching a given pattern can be spanned. The author has included QUnit tests, and a lot more functionality is documented in the readme file.