AngularCollection, datamock.js, store.js

2013-04-05 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


AngularCollection (GitHub: tomkuk / angular-collection, License: MIT, bower: angular-collection) by Tomasz Kuklis is a collection module for AngularJS. It allows objects to be added, removed, updated, and fetched at a specific index. It also has a sort method and last.

It comes with a Grunt build script and some unit tests.


datamock.js (GitHub: marksteve / datamock.js, License: MIT) by Mark Steve Samson is a small library for generating sample data for mockups. Data attributes can be used to bind mocked data, like this: <p data-mock="lorem">Lorem ipsum here...</p>.

It includes some other value types, like names and emails. The author has included a bookmarklet task in the build script so you can generate a bookmarklet that fills a page in with test sample data.


store.js (GitHub: nbubna / store, License: MIT) by Nathan Bubna is a friendlier API for localStorage and sessionStorage. Basic usage is store(key, data), but it has other functions like store.setAll, store.getAll, and support for namespaces.

The sessionStorage API is accessed through store.session, for example: store.session(key, 'value'). The project includes a Grunt build script and PhantomJS-powered tests.