Brequire, Node Pipe, Enable JavaScript

2010-08-20 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


Brequire makes CommonJS features available to browsers. It uses a compiler to inject the functionality
into your scripts. It's actually a script that you run before loading
your code in a browser:

bin/brequire test/src test/lib

Node Yahoo! Pipe

Alex Kessinger sent me a blog

about a Yahoo!

that gets the latest updated packages from the npm registry.

At the moment npm traffic isn't too insane, so you could follow this to
keep abreast of what's being released. Of course, not everything is
released through npm, but it's getting very popular.

Enable JavaScript

This is a simple idea, but genuinely useful. Enable
by Toni Podmanick
explains how to enable JavaScript in each major browser. It's the kind
of thing that will come in handy when trying to explain such a thing to
an awkward client.

Write for Us

Despite popular opinion I don't spend all day tinkering with JavaScript
and writing for DailyJS; I have a day job! I'm looking for writers to
help with the site. I'd like people who can write short news posts like
this one, and also people who can write awesome tutorials. You'll get
full credits and mad links to your sites and projects.

I haven't got a formal advertising system for DailyJS yet so the site
doesn't make much revenue, which means I won't be able to pay you some
kind of salary. I could pay you in beer if you live within a train trip
of London. Get in touch through the site's contact
form, or join JsChat #dailyjs room.