Node Roundup: Forky, dsjslib, Node-huxley

2013-09-04 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


Forky (GitHub: brianc / node-forky, License: MIT, npm: forky) by Brian M. Carlson is a wrapper around the cluster module to make it easier to use and test.

The forky function loads workers based on the number of cores on your system. If any of the workers dies, Forky will spawn another one:

The best way to handle unexpected errors in node is to shut down your process and spawn a new one. Forky makes clean process shutdown and respawn easy as pie.


dsjslib (GitHub: monmohan / dsjslib, License: MIT, npm: dsjslib) by Monmohan Singh is a collection of common data structures and utility functions.

It includes:

It includes unit tests, so you can get a feel for each API and see how the classes are meant to be used.


Node-huxley (GitHub: chenglou / node-huxley, License: MIT, npm: huxley) by Cheng Lou is a port of Instagram's Huxley project. It allows sequences of events in a web application to be recorded and compared against screenshots.

Huxley was originally designed for tracking "visual regressions in web applications":

Huxley is a test-like system for catching visual regressions in Web applications. It was built by Pete Hunt with input from Maykel Loomans at Instagram.