Node Roundup: 0.11.4, NodeICO, Node-FSAPI

2013-07-17 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Node 0.11.4

Node 0.11.4 was released last week. The major dependencies have been upgraded (npm, v8, c-ares), and there's a change in behaviour for timers: setImmediate has been changed to process the full queue on each turn.

There are also other tweaks and improvements for HTTP, buffer, stream, crypto, and zlib. The brief fluffy of work on HTTP involved new Agent code and fixed keepAlive behaviour.


NodeICO (GitHub: rvagg / nodei.co, License: MIT +no-false-attribs) is an open source service that displays badges for Node modules. As an example, this is what the Express badge looks like:

There's also a cool graph version:

The project was written by Rod Vagg and uses restify.


Speaking of restify, Kent Safranski sent in Node-FSAPI (GitHub: Fluidbyte / Node-FSAPI), which is a project to provide a RESTful server for interacting with remote file systems. It supports three layers of security: URL keys, IP restriction, and HTTPS.

The client implementation supports Ajax, so from what I can tell you could use it as a browser-based solution for storing files.