jQuery Roundup: Backbone Associations, bootstrap-wysihtml5

2013-06-25 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Backbone Associations

Backbone Associations (GitHub: dhruvaray / backbone-associations, License: MIT, bower: backbone-associations) by Dhruva Ray is a plugin for one-to-one and one-to-many associations between models and collections:

applications can listen to any kind of change (change, add, remove, reset, sort, destroy) in this hierarchy using standard Backbone events and respond to them. (views can re-render for example). The implementation strives to be tiny (2.2KB), easy-to-understand, light-weight and fast.

Once the plugin has been loaded, models can be defined using Backbone.AssociatedModel, and then relationships can be set up with Backbone.One and Backbone.Many.

var Product = Backbone.AssociatedModel.extend({

var User = Backbone.AssociatedModel.extend({
  relations: [{
    type: Backbone.Many,
    key: 'locations',
    relatedModel: Product

The reversed association is automatically inferred, so a product could be set for a user. Values can be traversed using fully qualified paths as well:


Fully qualified paths can also be used to assign event listeners:

emp.on('change:works_for.locations[*]', cb);

The author has written up a full tutorial for Backbone Associations, and has included unit tests and full documentation.


bootstrap-wysihtml5 (GitHub: jhollingworth / bootstrap-wysihtml5/, License: MIT, bower: bootstrap-wysihtml5) by James Hollingworth is an amazing text editor component. It's highlight consistent with Bootstrap's design, and has many features you may take for granted when editing text, like the usual keyboard shortcuts.

Trantor Liu sent in his fork, trantorLiu/bootstrap-editor, which pairs up the project with jQuery-File-Upload. This adds support for things like upload progress, drag and drop, and cross-domain uploads. Trantor notes that the demo won't currently work because there's no server-side support, but he's provided instructions on how to set it up locally.