Node Roundup: 0.8.23, indev, compressjs

2013-04-10 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Node 0.8.23

In case you haven't switched to 0.10 yet, Node 0.8.23 was released yesterday. This version adds bug fixes for the http, tls, child_process, and crypto modules.


indev (GitHub: azer / indev, License: BSD, npm: indev) by Azer Ko├žulu is a lightweight alternative to Makfiles. It supports "Devfiles" which can be written in either CoffeeScript or JavaScript, and includes shortcuts for lots of shell commands through ShellJS.

The inclusion of ShellJS makes it feel closer to make than Grunt, so if Grunt isn't quite what you want then indev might be what you're looking for.


compressjs (GitHub: cscott / compressjs, License: GPLv2, npm: compressjs) by C. Scott Ananian features several compression algorithms, implemented in pure JavaScript. It can run in browsers, and includes bzip2, LZP3, a modified LZJB, PPM-D, and an implementation of Dynamic Markov Compression.

The readme includes benchmarks for each algorithm, and a script is included so you can use it to compress things on the command-line.