Node Roundup: 0.9.11, clinch, review

2013-03-06 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
You can send in your Node projects for review through our contact form.

Node 0.9.11

Node 0.9.11 was released last week, which has more changes for the new streams API. The _read method no longer takes a callback, which means your current _read methods need to be updated to call push() instead. If you're unsure about the new API, Node's tests (in test/simple) are useful for figuring out what to do.

These updates were pulled into isaacs/readable-stream, which is a module that allows you to use streams2 in Node 0.8. If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend attempting to migrate your pre-0.10 custom streams to it, at least to prepare for Node 0.10.


clinch (GitHub: Meettya / clinch, License: MIT, npm: clinch) by Meettya is a CommonJS module to browser build system. It has a lot of features, some of which streamline working with CoffeeScript and Jade:

The author has provided tests, but at the moment the documentation could do with some work -- it's written in English which isn't the author's native language, so perhaps someone could help him with that?


Julian Gruber sent in a whole bunch of modules, but the one I thought was cool was review (GitHub: juliangruber / review, License: MIT, npm: review). This module can be used to generate screenshots of sites according to various parameters -- you could use it to check designs at various resolutions, for example.

Julian also sent in jilla which is a command-line client for JIRA, and statsc, a browser library for graphite/statsd servers.