Node Roundup: GNOME, fs, procjs

2013-02-06 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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JavaScript and GNOME

GNOME now recommends JavaScript for authoring GNOME applications. For information on what this means for the near future of GNOME desktop development, see JavaScript in GNOME. Although it looks like they're using SpiderMonkey rather than Node, Jérémy Lal sent in an email detailing his positive experiences with node-gir (GitHub: creationix / node-gir, npm: gir) by Tim Caswell which provides bindings for GObject Introspection.

These bindings can be used to make dynamic calls to any library that has GI annotations installed -- Jérémy said he was using it to generate PDFs from HTML.

Component: fs

fs (GitHub: matthewp / fs, License: MIT, component: matthewp/fs) by Matthew Phillips is a component that brings Node's fs module to the browser. It's designed to be cross-browser, with the FileSystem API for Chrome and IndexedDB for Firefox and Internet Explorer.


procjs (GitHub: vzaccaria / procjs, License: MIT, npm: procjs) by Vittorio Zaccaria is a set of command-line utilities for getting JSON representations from the output of ps. It also comes with a REST server that provides a JSON API for the same data.

The project is built with LiveScript, and can be invoked with jsps along with several arguments.