jQuery Roundup: 1.9.1, jui_datagrid, jQuery Waiting, jquery.defer

2013-02-05 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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jQuery 1.9.1

jQuery 1.9.1 has been released:

Whether you're using 1.9.0 or using an older version, these are the droids you're looking for.

There are bug fixes for Chrome, IE, and Safari, and a few small enhancements like #13150: Be able to determine if $.Callback() has functions.



juidatagrid (GitHub: pontikis / juidatagrid, License: MIT) by Christos Pontikis is a one of those "rich table" plugins that makes tabular data sortable, editable, and so on. It has a specific focus on editing server-side data, and will work with JSON data out of the box. It supports multiple instances on the same page, jQuery UI themes, localisation, and a modular design that makes adding new data filters easier.

There is a a demo of jui_datagrid that shows the major features.

jQuery Waiting

jQuery Waiting (GitHub: trentrichardson / jQuery-Waiting, License: MIT/GPL) by Trent Richardson is a plugin for displaying spinners that's designed to be cross-browser. Instead of relying on modern CSS animations, it simply switches CSS classes on sets of elements. It has a namespaced event-based API, so you can see when the control is enabled, starts playing, and so on:

// Initialise

// Play

// Event example
$el.bind('play.waiting', function(e){});


jquery.defer/jquery.undefer (GitHub: wheresrhys / jquery.defer, License: MIT) by Rhys Evans are a pair of utility methods for making an object's methods wait until a deferred object has resolved. The example Rhys provides of this in action is lazy loading Google Maps:

$.defer(GoogleMaps.prototype, _mapsLoaded, {exclude: 'init'});

Rhys also sent in Backbone Namespaced Events (GitHub: wheresrhys / backbone.namespaced-events, License: MIT), which uses the syntax of namespaced events for Backbone's custom events implementation. To use namespaced events, call Backbone.extend(obj, Backbone.NamespacedEvents) on a Backbone object instance. Alternatively, Backbone.NamespacedEvents.overwriteNativeEvents() can be called to use it everywhere.