jQuery Roundup: QUnit 1.11, Knockout-jQueryUI, Tab Override, FilteredPaste.js

2013-01-29 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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QUnit 1.11

There's a good post on the official jQuery blog about a change in direction to the QUnit project: QUnit 1.11 Release: A Look Back (and Forth). It discusses some of the history behind QUnit, and includes a survey where you can share how you're using it.


Trying to integrate libraries like Knockout is sometimes confusing when you're already using jQuery UI. To address this, Vas Gábor has created Knockout-jQueryUI (GitHub: gvas / knockout-jqueryui, License: MIT), which is a collection of Knockout bindings for jQuery UI widgets.

It's small, comes with a build script and unit tests, and the author has provided full documentation on the project's homepage.

Tab Override

Tab Override (GitHub: wjbryant / taboverride, License: MIT, bower: taboverride) by Bill Bryant allows the tab key to insert tabs in textarea elements. It also supports auto indent and multi-line tab insertion.

There's also a jQuery Tab Override plugin, and both scripts are AMD-compatible. Bill has included QUnit tests, which actually simulate key presses to test the script's various features.


FilteredPaste.js (GitHub: willemmulder / FilteredPaste.js, License: CC BY-SA 3.0) by Willem Mulder can be used to filter text when it's pasted into textarea elements, or anything with the contenteditable attribute. Why is this useful? Well, Willem got tired of dealing with support requests when text pasted from Word into his CMS carried across unwanted formatting.

I find myself always using Paste and Match Style and wondering why this isn't the default for the paste keyboard shortcut. The only time I've ever wanted to include formatting when pasting is when I make slides in Keynote/PowerPoint/Google Drive and want to include syntax highlighting in my examples. And that seems like an edge case if ever there was one!