jQuery Roundup: 1.9, Touch-box, Elevate Zoom, textareaHelper

2013-01-15 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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jQuery 1.9

jQuery 1.9 has been released. This version retains legacy browser support, but "slims down" the API somewhat. jQuery 2.0 meanwhile will not support Internet Explorer 6-8, but it will have the same API.

jQuery Migrate can be used to migrate to 1.9 or 2.0.


Dannie Hansen sent in Touch-box (GitHub: danniehansen / Touch-box, License: GPL), a plugin for resizing and dragging elements on touchscreen devices. Although the documentation mentions iPad, I tested it on Android Chrome and both seemed to work well.

Dannie suggested an interesting idea for a gallery, where the resize event could automatically cause higher resolution images to be fetched through a callback:

  resize: true,
  drag: true,
  callback_touches: function(touches) {
  callback_change: function() {

Elevate Zoom

Elevate Zoom's tint feature.

Elevate Zoom (GitHub: elevateweb / elevatezoom, License: MIT/GPL) by Andy Eades is an image zoom plugin that has FancyBox support. It has some cool features like "tinting", where the unzoomed portion of the image is tinted -- demos are available for each of the main features.


textareaHelper by Amjad Masad and Codecademy transparently copies a textarea's contents into a div, so it can be manipulated in ways not supported by textarea. It will try to copy the styles from the textarea as well, and can fetch the caret's position.

Mocha tests have been included, which includes a setSelectionRange implementation to test the caret handling.