Node Roundup: 0.9.4, screener, Jyql

2012-12-26 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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Node 0.9.4

Node 0.9.4 has been released, and this version is a milestone because it features the new streams API. There are the usual platform-specific bug fixes and other improvements to core modules.

The new streams API documentation was published as part of this release.


node-screener (License: BSD, npm: screener) by Damian Kaczmarek is a module for validating objects, and the author notes it works with Mongoose:

var screen = require('screener').screen;
var object = {
  _id: "503cb6d92c32a8cd06006c53",
  user: { name: "Joe Doe", birthdate: "04.07.1980"},
  location: { lat: 16.5015636, lon: 52.1971881 }

var result = screen(object, {
  user: {
    name: 'string', // same effect would be if passed /.*/ regexp
    birthdate: /\d\d\.\d\d\.\d\d\d\d/
  location: {lat: 'number', lon: 'number'}


Jyql (License: MIT, npm: jyql) by Gianfranco Cecconi is a Node module and browser library for working with the Yahoo! Query Language engine. The Node module uses the request module by Mikeal Rogers to automatically fetch a suitable resource to be processed with YQL.