jQuery Roundup: jquery.columns, stackable.js

2012-12-25 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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jquery.columns (License: MIT) by Cedric Ruiz extends the $.css method to support viewport-percentage lengths, basically making it a lot easier to work with responsive grids.

The plugin provides a $.columns method, but passing sizes with vw units to $.css will work as well.

There's a demo here: jquery.columns demo.


stacktable.js (GitHub: johnpolacek / stacktable.js, License: MIT/GPL) by John Polacek is a plugin for stacking tables on small screens. It's designed to work in responsive layouts by using media queries.

To make tables fit smaller screens, this plugin stacks each column vertically in order. The headers will be placed in the correct order as well. Behind the scenes, tables are actually replaced with the stacked version -- by passing a specific class name to the plugin responsive layouts can be supported.