jQuery Roundup: Fuel UX, uiji.js, QuoJS

2012-10-23 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Fuel UX

Fuel UX

Fuel UX (GitHub: ExactTarget / fuelux, License: MIT) from ExactTarget is a lightweight library that extends Twitter Bootstrap with some additional JavaScript controls, a Grunt build, and AMD compatibility. At launch, the following controls are included:

The project is well-documented, covered in unit tests, and outside contributions are welcome and encouraged.

Contributed by Adam Alexander



uiji.js (GitHub: aakilfernandes / uiji) by Aakil Fernandes is a clever hack that inverts jQuery by allowing CSS selectors to create elements. This will create a paragraph with the class greeting, that contains the text Hello World!:

$('#helloWorld .output').uiji('p.greeting"Hello World!"')

Callbacks can be used to create hierarchy, and the API is chainable because the plugin returns $(this) once it has processed the input.


QuoJS (GitHub: soyjavi / QuoJS, License: MIT) by Javier Jiménez is a small library for mobile development. It supports HTML traversal and abstractions for touch-based gestures. It doesn't require jQuery, but has a similar API:

// Subscribe to a tap event with a callback
$$('p').tap(function() {
  // Affects "span" children/grandchildren
  $$('span', this).style('color', 'red');

The same author has written a few other ambitious projects, including Monocle (GitHub: soyjavi / monocle, License: MIT), which is an MVC framework for CoffeeScript application development.