jQuery Roundup: jq-tiles, plusTabs, Kwicks

2012-10-16 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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jq-tiles (GitHub: elclanrs / jq-tiles, License: MIT) is a slideshow plugin that breaks images up into tiles and uses CSS3-based effects. The number of tiles can be changed, and the transition and animation speeds can be configured.

To use the plugin, call $('.slider').tilesSlider(options) on an element that contains a set of images. Events are used to stop and start the slideshow: $('.slider').trigger('start').


plusTabs compared with standard tabs

plusTabs (GitHub: jasonday / plusTabs, License: MIT/GPL) by Jason Day groups jQuery UI tabs under a tab with a menu. Jason's example is scaled to a slim resolution that might be found on a smartphone, showing how jQuery UI tabs become cluttered and messy in such circumstances.


Kwicks (GitHub: jmar777 / kwicks, License: MIT) by Jeremy Martin is a sliding panel plugin. It can display vertical or horizontal panels, and grow or shrink them on hover. It can also be used to create a slideshow.

Kwicks works with nested elements like an unordered list, but it'll actually work with any tag, so <li> isn't hardwired.