Node Roundup: 0.8.10-11, Cabinet, Node Si

2012-09-26 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Node 0.8 releases are still coming thick and fast, with the release of 0.8.10 this week. On average the 0.8 branch has seen approximately 9 days between releases, with an extended summer holiday period of 20 days in August and September.

This version has a few fs fixes by Ben Noordhuis, although he's already cited an issue in fs.stat() so he's recommending holding off for 0.8.11 which should be released later this week.


Cabinet (License: MIT, npm: cabinet) by Manuel Astudillo is an alternative to Connect's static middleware. The changes from TJ's original module are as follows:

The API is compatible with Connect and Express middleware, but there are additional options:

app.use(cabinet(__dirname + '/static', {
  coffee: true,
  gzip: true,

  less: {
    // Specify search paths for @import directives
    paths: ['.',__dirname + '/static/stylesheets']

  cache: { maxSize: 1024, maxObjects:256 }

The project comes with Mocha tests, and additional options are documented in the readme file.

Node Si

Node Si (License: MIT, npm: si) by MichaƂ Czapracki is a binary prefix number parser and formatter module. It can be used to format numbers like 10000000 as 10M, or 10gb as 1e10.

It's currently a simple module, but the author plans on adding IEC compliant binary multipliers like 'MiB', case sensitive formats, and fractional SI multipliers.