Node Roundup: mongo-lite, smog, sshfs-node

2012-09-19 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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mongo-lite (GitHub: alexeypetrushin / mongo-lite, License: MIT, npm: mongo-lite) by Alexey Petrushin aims to simplify MongoDB by removing the need for most callbacks, adding reasonable defaults like safe updates, and offering optional compact IDs.

The chainable API looks more like MongoDB's command-line interface:

var db = require('mongo-lite').connect('mongodb://localhost/test', ['posts', 'comments']);
db.posts.insert({ title: 'first' }, function(err, post) {
  // Use post

There's also a Fiber-based API, so it can be used in a synchronous fashion.


smog (License: MIT, npm: smog) from Fractal is a web-based MongoDB interface. It displays collections, and allows them to be sorted and edited. It also supports administration features, like shutting down servers, CPU/bandwidth usage graphs, and replica set management.

It's built with Connect, and there's an experimental GTK+ desktop interface made with the pane module by the same authors.


sshfs-node (License: MIT, npm: sshfs-node) by Charles Bourasseau allows remote filesystems to be mounted using SSH. It uses sshfs and requires keys for authentication, rather than passwords.

It comes with Vows tests, and the same author has also released fs2http.