jQuery Roundup: Infinity.js, lorem, oriDomi

2012-08-21 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Infinity.js (GitHub: airbnb / infinity, License: BSD) from developers at Airbnb is an infinite scrolling plugin based on the iOS UITableView class. It's implemented by using containers that move content in and out of the DOM based on throttled scroll events, to keep scrolling smooth. The current version has some caveats -- ListViews can't be nested or have a height set by CSS.

To back up the performance claims, the authors have made demo pages with Infinity.js turned on and turned off. At least in my browser, it's clear that Infinity.js improves the performance. Also, several performance enhancements are currently planned, including changing the internal ListItem array to use a self-balancing binary tree.


lorem (License: MIT, npm: lorem) by Stanley Shyiko is a text generator that works with Node and browsers, and it includes optional jQuery plugin support:


The author has included Nodeunit tests, and a build script.


oriDomi (GitHub: dmotz / oriDomi, License: MIT) by Dan Motzenbecker is a small script with optional jQuery support that creates an effect on images and web fonts that looks like folding paper, by using CSS 3D transforms.

  vPanels: 3
, hPanels: 10
, perspective: 200
, speed: 500
, shading: false

It works best when it can figure out the dimensions of the element it's applied to, so it's probably a good idea to ensure images used with the effect have width and height attributes.