jQuery Roundup: AutobahnJS, Grid Builder, Best Ampersand

2012-08-07 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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AutobahnJS (GitHub: tavendo / AutobahnJS, License: MIT) from Tavendo GmbH is a client library that implements the The WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP). The API is asynchronous and promise-based, so it can use jQuery's Deferred object or similar implementations. Publish/Subscribe and RPC are both supported by the library.

The RPC API looks like this:

// WAMP server
var wsuri = 'ws://localhost:9000';
  // WAMP session was established
  function(session) {
    // Asynchronous RPC, returns promise object
    session.call('http://example.com/simple/calc#add', 23, 7).then(
      // RPC success callback
      function(res) {
        console.log('got result:', res);

      // RPC error callback
      function(error, desc) {
        console.log('error:', desc);

  // WAMP session is gone
  function(code, reason) {

The authors have written tutorials for Publish/Subscribe with AutobahnJS and RPC.

jQuerin Grid Builder

jQuerin Grid Builder (GitHub: kanakiyajay / jQuerin-grid-builder, License: MIT/GPL) by Jay Kanakiya is an interactive tool that generates HTML and CSS for grid-based layouts.

Attributes like class and id can be added to cells, and multiple levels of rows and columns can be created once you get the hang of the interface.

Best Ampersand

Best Ampersand (GitHub: gmurphey / jQuery.Best-Ampersand, License: MIT/GPL) by Garrett Murphey is a simple plugin that wraps ampersands in spans so they can be styled with the best available ampersand. Garrett has written this plugin using a TDD approach, and he's included unit tests and the build script.

He also sent in Outbound Analytics, which can help track outbound links with Google Analytics.