jQuery Roundup: noty, jquery.tocify.js, Routie

2012-07-24 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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noty (GitHub: needim / noty, License: MIT) by Nedim Arabac─▒ is a plugin for displaying notifications. It supports alerts with the usual set of levels, and also allows a prompt to be displayed. A "noty" can be created using a function that accepts an options object:

var noty = noty({ text: 'noty - a jquery notification library!' });

An existing container can be populated using the familiar jQuery syntax:

$('.custom_container').noty({ text: 'noty - a jquery notification library!' });

Notifications can be queued, allowing a large amount of alerts to be handled sensibly. This plugin also supports themes through CSS or a JavaScript file.


jquery.tocify.js (GitHub: gfranko / jquery.tocify.js, License: MIT) by Greg Franko is a table of contents plugin that works with jQuery UI's ThemeRoller and jQuery's animation effects. It also supports history.pushState, so pressing the back button will work as expected.

Given a suitable container div, running $('#toc').tocify(); will generate a table of contents based on the headers on the page.


Routie (GitHub: jgallen23 / routie, License: MIT) by Greg Allen is a lightweight hash routing library. It's not specifically dependent on jQuery, and the author has packaged it nicely with a makefile and build instructions. Routes can be defined as follows:

routie('users', function() {
  //this gets called when hash == #users

  'users': function() {
  'about': function() {

It also works with regular expressions to allow parameters to be accessed. Notice how parameters are mapped to the function arguments:

routie('users/:name', function(name) {

The project includes tests written with Mocha and Chai.