Node Roundup: NodeConf Resources, ErrorBoard, Override

2012-07-04 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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NodeConf Resources

This week has been all about NodeConf, and I've been collecting resources for those of us who can't make it:

The Coverage of NodeConf 2012 on Lanyrd has more material. That should be enough to get your teeth into!


ErrorBoard (License: MIT) by Aziz Yuldoshev is an open source Express application that collects client-side JavaScript errors. The author has split the project up into routes and modules, rather than something that follows the popular MVC-inspired approach. It uses MongoDB, and the interface is Bootstrap-based so it's fairly easy to modify.


Override (License: MIT, npm: override) by Oleg Podsechin is a "general purpose middleware framework" -- that is, it extends the concept of middleware to processes, allowing self-contained environments to be composed that override standard behaviour.

For example, Override modules make it possible to replace the built in console.log with a version that sends the logs to a third party service, chroot the current process, enable profiling, etc.

Override modules have a signature similar to other Node middleware APIs:

module.exports = function(next) {
  console.log('Hello Override!');

The next parameter is the next function to call in the override middleware chain. Oleg also recommends distributed reusable modules through npm, and prefixing the module's name with or- so they're easy to find.