Node Roundup: Boxcars, password-reset, Kraken

2012-06-06 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Boxcars (npm: boxcars) by Azer Ko├žulu is a library for fetching remote or local resources:

boxcars('http://google.com', '/var/log/foo.log', 'http://github.com')(function(error, homepages) {
  // Prints the homepage of google.com

It can also be used to define collections of resources, or cache them through preloading. The author has included tests written with his highkick and lowkick modules.


password-reset (License: MIT/X11, npm: password-reset) by James Halliday is middleware for dealing with password resets that will work with Express.

It's built with James' pony module which sends emails, and a full example including the required Express routes is included in the project's documentation.


Kraken (License: MIT, npm: kraken) by Przemek Matylla is a client for the Kraken Web Optimizer.

Image URLs or uploads can be optimised using this module, and a Kraken Account is required to use it.

Kraken itself was built with Node, and there are a few details about their implementation on the Kraken About page.