jQuery Roundup: jQuery++, Wtwui, jSignature

2012-06-05 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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jQuery++ (GitHub: jupiterjs / jquerypp) from Chicago-based JavaScript consulting firm Bitovi, is a collection of DOM and event-related jQuery plugins. The project's site has a tool for creating a single file that contains all of the plugins that you want, but they can also be loaded using an AMD module loader like RequireJS.

Highlights include a CSS3 version of $.fn.animate, a text range plugin, swipe gesture support, and a version of jQuery.event.fix that uses ECMAScript 5 getters.

There are discussions about the project on Hacker News:


Wtwui (GitHub: wtw-software / wtwui, License: MIT) from WTW Software is a collection of UI widgets influenced by UIKit by TJ Holowaychuk. It currently includes a dialog, overlays, tooltips, and a confirmation box. It's built using AMD, so each component can be loaded using RequireJS.

The project is tested with Jasmine, and it includes a build script built with Node.


jSignature (GitHub: willowsystems / jSignature, License: MIT) is a fork of brinley / jSignature with additions and tweaks by Daniel Dotsenko.

jSignature allows signatures to be captured in a browser, and works on touchscreen devices as well. Older version of IE are supported by FlashCanvas. A special effort has been made to capture smooth-looking signatures, and it supports extra editing options like undoing the last stroke.