jQuery Roundup: jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 8, Chico UI, Complexify

2012-05-22 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 8

jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 8 has been released. The major change in this release is a redesign of the Position utility script.

There are also bug fixes and accessibility improvements.

Chico UI

Chico banner

Chico UI (GitHub: mercadolibre / chico, License: _MIT _) from MercadoLibre is a set of UI widgets built with jQuery. The project includes demos with documentation for each widget, I've selected a few interesting ones here but there are a lot more:

There's also Chico Mesh for creating CSS column-based layouts, and some tutorials on Chico.

The mix of JavaScript widgets and reusable layout CSS reminds me of a combination of jQuery UI and Bootstrap. I haven't seen Chico before, but the authors have been committing frequently to the GitHub project over the last two years, so at this point it seems relatively mature.



Complexify (GitHub: danpalmer / jquery.complexify.js, License: WTFPL v2) by Dan Palmer is a password complexity checker. It's used like this:

$('#password').complexify({ minimumChars: 8 }, function(valid, complexity) {
  // valid: Password is the right length
  // complexity: Password complexity rated as a percentage

The algorithm Dan's written to rate complexity is based on blocks of Unicode:

The rationale behind this is that in an attacker were wanting to include Japanese passwords in his attack, he/she may choose to include the Hiragana set in his/her attack, but not the Katakana set. Complexify divides Unicode into 94 appropriately grouped sets.

The main driver behind the algorithm is to try to distinguish between complex passwords, and passwords that have the illusion of complexity due to security policies.