jQuery Roundup: SelectBoxIt, jQuery Hooks, jQuery contextMenu

2012-04-24 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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SelectBoxIt screenshot

SelectBoxIt (GitHub: gfranko / jQuery.selectBoxIt.js, License: MIT) by Greg Franko is a select box replacement that uses progressive enhancement and has some notable features:

It also includes Jasmine tests: SelectBoxIt tests.

The author has written a detailed post documenting SelectBoxIt, and the GitHub repository contains suitable CSS and images if you want to duplicate the style used in Greg's examples.

jQuery Hooks

In jQuery Hooks, Rodney Rehm discusses jQuery's hooks feature. The jQuery.cssHooks documentation covers adding hooks to CSS getters and setters, but there are other hooks in jQuery's code, for .val(), .attr(), and .prop().

jQuery contextMenu

jQuery contextMenu (GitHub: medialize / jQuery-contextMenu, License: MIT and GPL3) from Medialize GbR (and also by Rodney Rehm) helps create menus that appear when an element is right-clicked.

The authors have written lots of examples showing the flexibility of the plugin, including using input elements, dynamically adding new triggers, and access keys.