jQuery Roundup: Touch Patents, Standalone Deferred, Mailcheck.js

2012-04-17 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Touch Patents

In Getting Touchy About Patents on the official jQuery blog, the relationship between Apple and W3C's efforts to standardise touch events is discussed. At the end of the aritcle, there are several calls to action, some of which DailyJS readers can help with:

We would also encourage the community to experiment with Touch and MSPointer. Play with the APIs, build apps, and provide feedback.

If you know of any prior art for multi-touch/touch lists, even outside of the Web, please get in touch with the W3C.

The distinctions between pointer events and touch events are also explored. This comment in particular is interesting:

It's conceivable that in a few years developers could use Pointer Events as the only event model for pointers, leaving Mouse Events as a thing of the past.

Standalone Deferred

Standalone Deferred (License: MIT) by Otto Vehviläinen is a standalone implementation of jQuery.Deferred. The Deferred object is a chainable API based on the CommonJS Promises/A specification.

The project is distributed with Jasmine tests, and features the expected methods including when, then, resolve, and reject. The author has rewritten the library using CoffeeScript, so it's not a quick and dirty extraction from jQuery's code.


mailcheck.js (License: MIT) by Derrick Ko and Receivd, Inc., is designed to help reduce email address typos by checking input field values against a list of popular email providers:

var defaultDomains = ["yahoo.com", "google.com", "hotmail.com", "gmail.com", "me.com", "aol.com", "mac.com",
                      "live.com", "comcast.net", "googlemail.com", "msn.com", "hotmail.co.uk", "yahoo.co.uk",
                      "facebook.com", "verizon.net", "sbcglobal.net", "att.net", "gmx.com", "mail.com"];
var defaultTopLevelDomains = ["co.uk", "com", "net", "org", "info", "edu", "gov", "mil"];

The author has written a post that claims this reduced confirmation email bounces by 50%.