Node Roundup: 0.6.14, Mocha 1.0, ncluster, ENVy

2012-03-28 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Node 0.6.14

Node 0.6.14 was released soon after 0.6.13. This release includes bug fixes and updates npm to 1.1.12.

Mocha 1.0

Mocha 1.0 has been released. There's now a GitHub-flavoured Markdown reporter, and JavaScript "compilers" are now supported with mocha --compilers coffee:coffee-script.

An API has also been added, so it's possible to programatically create tests:

var mocha = new Mocha;



ncluster (npm: ncluster) by Ben Murphy is a zero-downtime clustering solution. It'll reload the application when a SIGHUP is issued, and gracefully quit when SIGQUIT is sent.

Ben has designed it to be used with Capistrano. He's also created a Node/Ubuntu Vagrant deployment solution with instructions for deploying his demo app to a virtual machine (nodejsvagranthelloworld).


ENVy (npm: envy) by Elio Capella Sánchez is a small module for managing JSON settings files. It'll use require to load a file called config.json in the project's root directory.

It also uses a convention for automatically determining the environment and loading the appropriate properties. Given a JSON file like this:

  "environment": "development",

  "development": {
    "test": "Development property"

  "production": {
    "test": "Production property"

Then require('envy').config will load the development settings, so config.test will return "Development property".